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A Bit About Muz's Work

While Muz, via his poetic talent, is recognised as having a great ability to make people laugh, he can also bring a tear to the eye. His haunting verse Rain From Nowhere (2007) has been recited in State and Federal Parliaments, printed in newspapers and magazines across the Nation and is recognised as being one of the most powerful pieces of Australian poetry written for many years. His hilarious yarn Turbulence (1998) is a mainstay at any poetry or campfire gathering and is recited by kids and adults alike all over Australia. Both poems were awarded the Australian Bush Poetry Association's Poem of The Year.


Muz has been part of the Australian poetry scene since winning the inaugural competition in Tamworth in 1987. He went full time in 1996 and has since been an extremely popular performer at corporate functions, charity events, sporting lunches and festivals throughout Australia.

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Muz's Poems



Riding a bucking bronco at 30 000 ft.

Rain From Nowhere

Muz reminds all of us that no matter how tough life gets, there is always love and there is always hope.

The Hog Whisperer


Crook as Rookwood

Fishing For Cod

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