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Liven up your next corporate function, sporting lunch or charity event simply by injecting Muz into the program.

Whether it be as an MC, guest speaker or a mixture of both, you will not be disappointed.

Muz delivers his own contemporary stories involving trips to the dentist, hog whisperers, the difference between oestrogen and testosterone and the dangers of mixing yoga with colonic irrigation in his inimitable laid-back style that has his audiences in stitches.

His yarn Turbulence, about his late, great mate, legendary Northern Territory stockman Billy Hayes taking his first aeroplane ride is arguably the most popular Aussie poem since The Man From Snowy River.

"I haven’t laughed like that for a long time” – is a typical comment after a Murray Hartin performance.

It can be often followed by “I didn’t think poetry could be that much fun”.

And that’s the secret to Muz.

While it is no doubt original contemporary bush-style poetry, it comes with a fresh edge. There is a magic conversational quality to his performances.

Strangely enough, Muz does have a serious side.

In the introduction to a five-page article on the Australian drought,

TIME MAGAZINE journalist Daniel Williams wrote the following:

Early in 2007, the bush storyteller Murray Hartin penned a 14-stanza poem in three hours flat.

"Rain From Nowhere is about a farmer on the brink of ruin who receives an empathetic letter from his father. A celebration of resiliece and hope, it is as moving a piece of Australian verse as has been published in decades ..."

But Muz will always leave you laughing.

Whether it be a sharp 20-minute comic spot at a corporate function, a 40-minute guest speaker role at a charity event or MCing a five-day conference, Muz wins the audience straight away and leaves them wanting more.

And there’s plenty more to give. Such is the popularity of his performances there are often encore sessions and a second 30-minute spot is just as entertaining.

Remember, this is not the poetry you remember from school.

This is not "The leaf fell and I wept ..."  stuff, no, no, no!

This is a whole lotta fun!

And it’s suitable for everyone.


“Murray can take you on tangential journeys that can be as hilarious as they are thought provoking. I doubt you’ve ever read a book like this before. It’s refreshing; it’s funny; it’s silly; it’s sad; it’s a little bit weird, but it’s wonderfully Australian – just like the author.” 

Alan Jones, AO
Radio Presenter

"Murray Hartin has a unique ability to take the listener on an emotional journey. His precise insights into the Australian character are both humorous and thoughtful and his value to teachers and students, as a poet and story teller, lies in his ability to engage the audience.

In an age dominated by the impersonal world of technology, students will be drawn to his subject matter, will laugh at his imagery and will be moved by his understanding of humans and what makes them tick.” 

Glyn Leyshon
Organising Committee, NSW Secondary Principal's Council, State Conference

"“Murray Hartin is the ultimate weapon in the delivery of a unique experience – especially when faced with trying to impress a jaded corporate audience who are desperate for the “ unexpected” and thrilled when it arrives. Rather than deliver the “same old” presentation at a senior corporate event which undoubtedly would have been forgotten 3 drinks in – Murray Hartin stole the show and that evening has branded our organisation forever in the minds of our clients. Plus you wouldn't find a better bloke than Muz “" 

Mary Gourley
Major Account Manager JUNIPER

“Muz provided a sensational night of high energy, heartfelt life reflection. We were laughing uncontrollably at one point and choking back the tears the next. He was certainly the high point of our function and a must for any crowd. A true Australian larrikin entertainer who should be heard by all.”

Mark Johnson
Chairman – A Country Practice Accounting Conference

“Murray Hartin stands in the great tradition of Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson and every bastard who’s ever leaned up against a bar and told a yarn or recited some Australian poetry. He’s a cross between an Australian original, a National Treasure and a colourful swaggie who lost his way and finished up in the present. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” 

Peter FitzSimons