JUNE 15, 2018. My weekly poem recited by Alan Jones each Friday on 2GB.

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Take Me Back To The Show


Today our lives roll along at a furious pace,

What used to be fun gets lost in the race,

The money you make is chewed up by bills,

You’re doing the hours but where are the thrills?


But sit back, close your eyes, drift back in time,

Before I-pods and x-boxes muddled young minds,

When you made your own fun and saved all your dough

For the best day of all – when you went to the show.


And the shows in the bush were absolute crackers,

Forget Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Maccas.

You’d trade the whole lot just to get a few bucks

For a hot Dagwood Dog and a shot at the ducks.

Running through Sideshow Alley, no care in the world,

Us kids were all safe, the young boys and girls,

Fairy Floss on our faces and tickets to ride

On the Dodgems or Go-Karts or the huge Giant Slide.


Sprint through the pavilion, have a quick look

At the cakes and the pets and the strange-looking chooks

Then back to the car parked nose to the fence,

“Aw c’mon, please mum, I only want fifty cents”


And as the sun settled low, you stayed at the car

While the dads found their way to the Cattlemen’s Bar,

What was to come was a magical sight,

That time when the fireworks lit up the night.


We’d scream for the red ones, the greens and the gold,

Sometimes it seems sad that we had to get old.

The simple pleasures we shared in our childhood days,

Now we’ve all grown up we’re too busy to play


But there’s a place in your mind that makes you feel young

Where a Fairy Floss taste still tickles your tongue,

The journey is free, it’s the best place to go,

You’re a kid in the bush and you’re back at The Show.



©Murray Hartin

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