JUNE 8, 2018. 

My weekly poem recited by Alan Jones each Friday on 2GB.

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So the PM’s on a “Listening Tour” to investigate the drought
He’s donned his RM boots to find out what it’s all about
A “Listening Tour”, fair dinkum, don’t they know it’s way too late
The horse bolted long ago and NOW they come to shut the gate?!!
If they had listened in the past they may have seen what’s going on
They could’ve put a plan in place but that chance has come and gone
No, why not wait ’til stock are starving and there’s no relief in sight
Talk to farmers who are busted and near lost the strength to fight
Use the word “resilient” and say “We know it’s tough”
Well, sorry Mr Turnbull but that’s just not good enough.
Sure your face got on the telly and you really looked concerned
But when it comes to matters rural you’ve still got a lot to learn
We’re in a desert country so we know there will be drought
But when it lasts for seven years it’s bloody hard to ride it out
You won’t pay any subsidies when it comes to freight
You leave it up to charities to go and help their mates
Now you’ve pledged two million dollars and said “do the best you can”
But find 80 million dollars to give to Vietnam 
Three hundred million plus to Indonesia, thirty million to Nepal
And the poor old Aussie farmer, well he gets bugger all
You can put a spin on that but it still won’t make much sense
I’m sure not too many voters will rush to your defence
Where’s the long-term vision? It must be time to take a stance
Can’t we farm wet-season water to give our farmers half a chance.
Make some big decisions and we might get off your back
We know this drought will end but there’ll be others down the track
So listen very carefully, try to feel their pain
Know they need a whole lot more than just one decent fall of rain
They’ve lobbied you for years with little satisfaction,
See Mr Turnbull, talk is cheap, our farmers need to see some action.


©Murray Hartin

June 7, 2018

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