Alan Jones has started reciting one of poems on 2GB each Friday at 7.25am.

We kicked off with this one which I wrote for a National Farmers conference a few years ago. 




 (With apologies to Will Ogilvie)


Australia is chock-full of champions

And history will keep safe their names

We share moments of proud men and women

Who have climbed to the top of their game,

They provide us with great inspiration

But if I may make a very big call

If the aim is to recognise champions

I think The Farmer’s the Pearl of Them All.


See the tough game he plays never ends

And the playing field’s often quite rough

You need wet stuff to fill up the rain gauge

Talent and hope aren’t enough

Resilience plays a huge factor

Without it the greatest may fall

And our champion has got it in spades

The Farmer, The Pearl of Them All


Plus courage to push through the hard times

You need it to last on the land

While the Rain Gods can smile on you sweetly

Control can still slip from your hands

Too much is as bad as too little

A flood rocks him right to the core

But he mops up and continues the battle

The Farmer, The Pearl of Them All


Sometimes there are knee-jerk reactions

From those who are desperate for votes

Who pretend to be well-versed in matters

But wouldn’t know chick peas from oats

While he tries to make sense of this madness

That again puts his back to the wall

Each day he heads out to the paddock

The Farmer, The Pearl of Them All


It’s not all rotten luck and bad seasons

When the planets align life is sweet

He knows when he gets a fair go

His produce is real hard to beat

He’ll knock the froth off a couple of cold ones

And most likely have a few more

To celebrate the life he has chosen

The Farmer – The Pearl of Them All


So next time the talk turns to heroes

The subject of much great debate

And you discuss who befits such a title

Spare a thought for our battling mate

In the history of all things Australian

He has well-earned the right to walk tall

So please raise a glass to our champion

The Farmer – The Pearl of Them All.

Murray Hartin

Based on the Will Ogilvie classic "The Pearl of Them All" about a great old horse

PS I know there are lots of female farmers out there it was just that, from a rhythm point of view, it was hard to make it gender neutral.

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