June 29. My weekly Alan Jones poem on 2GB. 

Wednesday, June 27 was the fourth anniversary of the passing of my Dad, Kev.

Dad died aged 83 after a battle with cancer. A few hours later, his only sibling, his beautiful sister Olga Cosh, also passed away at Fairview nursing home, next door to the Moree Hospital. It was a tough day for the families and friends but they leave behind fantastic memories of two wonderful people.



I wrote this poem in the early '90s




He’s the best bloke I know, he’s honest and he’s fair,

He’s got the type of qualities that now seem pretty rare,

He taught me right from wrong, taught me how to give and share,

Now the only thing that’s changed him is the colour of his hair.


I’ve known him all my life, he’s watched me as I grew

He’s great to be around and we’ve rarely had a blue

But I’ve sometimes done it tough and he’s always helped me through,

I think the man’s a champion and I reckon you would too.


Yet there’s nothing in the record books to tell you what he’s done,

He never shore two hundred and he never made a ton

But he did his share of shearing and he made his share of runs,

The bloke knows how to work and knows how to have some fun.


And while his passion for the horses doesn’t add much to his wealth,

The man is rich on living and just glad he’s got his health,

He never would complain while there’s tucker on the shelf,

He’d give you what he’s got and go without himself.


Now his hair is snowy grey and his face is leather-tanned,

He is isn’t rich, isn’t famous but he does the best he can,

You’ll probably never meet him but it’s not hard to understand

The best bloke I know is Kevin Hartin, my old man.

©Murray Hartin

(To hear the poem just go to my Facebook site Murray Hugh Hartin to hear it or go to, type Murray hartin into the search bar and click on the pic of Alan and me ) 

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